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This year 2005 will see a number of minor changes to the format on race day.  These changes do not affect the race.


The first change will be in the form of the McCallum Disability Services Auction.  Previously this auction has taken place on the day of the main race with a deliberately limited number of birds being placed for sale. This sale has provided the McCallum Disability Services Group with valuable funds.

This year we will again be conducting a sale featuring quality birds from prominent flyers/breeders.  In the past we have endeavoured to take phone bids during the auction from those, who for various reasons were unable to attend the main race and subsequent auction. 

Due to the number of enquiries regarding the birds for sale, their pedigrees etc., prior to race day, we have now elected for a slight change of format:

1.                                        A catalogue of all birds being made available for the charity auction will be placed on the Mallee Classic website 14 days prior to the main race.

2.                                        Bids will be accepted from the date of posting same on the web.  The last bid placed on any bird prior to 6pm on Friday the 16/9/05 will be the opening bid for the auction on Sunday the 18/9/05.  No bids will be accepted after 6pm 16/9/05 until the opening of the auction on Sunday 18/9/05.

3.                                        Bids will be accepted from all interested parties.  Phone bids will be taken and a list of numbers will be made available closer to the race date.  Any phone/internet bid must be accompanied by credit card details so as to facilitate the sale.

4.                                        All bids close on the drop of the auctioneer’s hammer and will be final.


The second change will be in the form of catering and bar.  In the past the Mallee Classic has provided catering free of charge, however, as forecast in the ‘Facts of Life’ the Classic has placed a focus on community and charitable organisations.  Hence, as of the 2005 race the catering and bar will be taken over by the APEX CLUBS of Australia, and more specifically their Ballarat branch.  The APEX organisation does wonderful work throughout a broad range of community endeavours and are to be congratulated. There will be a charge for both food and drink at this year’s race.

It won’t be excessive and I’m sure none among us would begrudge a little bit going the way of such a worthy organisation.


Due to licensing laws and council regulations the Mallee Classic site is not a BYO venue!


Barry Trewin

Event Manager