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The Goldfields Pigeon Federation

Spirit of Operation

· To Encourage Pigeon Fanciers of All Ages, to feel Welcome

· Promote Pigeons at every Opportunity

· Create a Social Atmosphere

· Endeavour for Fairness and Equality for All


· No Boundaries, Everyone is welcome!

· Conduct races up to 500 klm using own Transport. 300, 500, 700, 1200 bird units available! Thus able to contend with any situation for any Event.

· Transport races over 500 klm with Other Reliable Transporters

(Horsham, WPF, VHA and Shepparton are Possibilities).

· Endeavour to maintain $0.50 cents per bird Transport Fee up to 500 klm.

· Arrange multiple races on each race Weekend.

· Open Competition and Sections depending on the interested people.

· A Number of Open Championships from 300 Miles to 500 Miles.

* Promotion and Prestige for Country Fanciers, wishing to test their birds in Open Competition.

* Transporting together for better cover for the birds.

* Championship Events would cost between $5 - $10 per bird to help raise good Prize money.

* Only nominate your birds with payment, the selection required for the Event is on the Night of Basketing. If you pay for 5 birds, bring 5 birds! Participation is what we intend to promote!

· Special nomination events, such as $1 nom, Best Cock bird, Best Hens, Best Colours (BB BC, RC Mealy, Grizzle, Pieds, any Other Colour)

· Open Clocking

· Ace Bird Series from 5 Nominated Race Points. Working on Flying time and the International idea of % from the first race qualifing for the next event.

· Special Medals for birds in the top % for 5 Events, which must include a Sea Lake Event, Gold Medal for Top 10%, Silver Medal for Top 15% and Bronze Medal for Top 20%. As we have open clocking all birds are eligible as long as they complete the 5 Events.

· The Goldfields Spring Cup will be held each year, Qualifying races must be flown with the GFPF to have birds eligible, then just nominate your birds on the night of Basketing!

· Aggregates Loft Aggregate, Bird Aggregate, and so on.

· Junior and Novice weekend development Seminars

· Promotion of the Group in Newspapers, Radio, Internet and Pigeon magazines.

· BBQs and Social events.

· Assist Juniors and Beginners with old Alarm Clock type pigeon timers, which may only cost $30 - $50.

· Certificates for all competitors at end of the season of their performances or their Best performances

· Promotions at Schools

· Pigeon releases for the Council and such for Festivals and Events.

· Encouraging flyers to relocate to the Ballarat and Western Districts area.

Results 2004
Race Program 2005

Innovative and Progressive!

Prepared to Listen!

For more Information Contact:

Barry Trewin

RSD B144

Chisholmes Road

Cardigan Vic 3352

Ph/Fax 53 448184

For Information: Email - Mark Stafford

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