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Mallee Classic Update 1 - 2006


Hello Everyone,


Things have been very hectic down here in sunny Ballarat! We also have not seen so much sun for years.

99.9% of youngsters are in the loft and all birds are being released for loft exercises most days weather permitting.


We are trialling a few new things which again seem to enhance the health of the birds, especially now that the birds

are fully into the moult and feathers are everywhere to say the least. The birds are given free loft for approx. 5 hours

when allowed out and seem to relish the chance to bath and explore the surrounds of the loft. We have had only a minimal

respitory in the loft with the moult now in full swing. The birds are individually treated and the other 99.9% of the loft are

looking great.


We have a varying amount of birds flying the loft and some already ranging out of view. The predators have been paying us

a visit with the most around the loft at any particular time being 12 peregrines!This I think can be attributed to the recent bush fires destroying much of their habitat, I would rather the birds see them at the lofts and get an idea of what they do rather than

seeing them for the first time on a training toss etc.


We have countries such as China, Thailand, Canada, Japan and the UK all involved in the event again this year, this is a

great plus for Australian pigeon racing showcasing our birds to the rest of the world.


I must put a big thank you in for Nigel Jarvis and Barry Leonard for their assistance recently as my business workload has

increased enormously. Nigel has been assisting with the birds on a daily basis, and Barry has been able to assist every few days.


Most people would be aware that the event sold out again this year, so we thank all those who entered birds into

Australiaís Premier One Loft Event!


Good Luck to all competitors.



Yours in the Sport,


Barry Trewin

Event Manager