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The Mallee Classic is an Event by which anyone interested in entering, can do so without having to actually breed their own Racing Pigeons!

Purpose Bred Thoroughbred birds are available from our Breeding lofts!

Form Syndicates - 5 X $20 , 4 X $25, 2 X $50, it is Easy!

Enter a Pigeon in your Business Name and Advertise Your Business!

International Entries can also be provided for Interested Parties

Top Quality birds can be arranged from the following Winning lines:

Marilyn, Sheer Elegance (St. Clair), James Bond (Ponderosa),
The Generaal, Grenville Evans, Broeckx Van Hees (Ponderosa)



D MacGregor

Delbar Grizzle's
Rod Churchill


For Performance details check the Trewin Family results page for results in the Mallee Classic Event.

For Information or Enquiries: