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Although the Mallee Classic wasn't the first One Loft Race in Australia, in fact there has been other races conducted for some ten years. The Interesting Fact is that since the conception of the Mallee Classic it has become the yardstick for which other races are now measured. Some races have since folded, or have started to use ideas developed by The Mallee Classic Event. The Mallee Classic has set new standards in One Loft Racing in Australia and has been innovative in enhancing this type of racing. It has aimed to promote pigeon racing in Australia, give everybody value for money and the chance to compete against the Best of the Best in Australia on equal terms!

Concepts initiated by the

Mallee Classic


Australian One Loft


· Multiple Races

· Bird Averages

· Multiple Prizes

· Teams Event

· Spare bird for each paid Entry

· Newsletters

· Pigeon Christmas Cards

· Professional Stationery

· Optional Open Races

· Old bird racing

· First fully National Event

· First fully International Event

· Friendship Alliance with Thailand

· Co-Ordinators in Every State/Territory

· Sponsoring 40 Clubs/Federations in Australia

· State Government Assistance

· Community Award for Australia Day

· First event to compete in National Event

All these concepts have benefited the entrants in the Mallee Classic and maintain the Event as the most dynamic One Loft Race in Australia. All other races are now using some of the concepts, but they will not be "The Premier One Loft Race in Australia"! So when you are thinking about entering your birds in races in Australia, ask yourself whether you wish to be part of the Mallee Classic, or whether you are prepared to accept second best.

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