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Photo Gallery 3

Ciloms Best Western Tullarmarine

1. A view of Ciloms Best Western from Melrose Dve
2.The crew from Ciloms Best Western Tullarmarine,
just a stones throw from Melbourne Airport..they operate a 24/7 pick up/drop off
to and from the airport as a free service...anyone visiting the lofts and arriving late
into Melbourne would be crazy not to use them...
l-r Damian (recept), Vicky (front office mgr), Jason (shuttle driver), and Duncan

Les Fenton - Melbourne VHA Icon

Les Fenton holding Blue Pied Cock, 1st Fed VHA 400 mile in 2004...
Les looks a bit seedy but what's new, coincidently it's not a bad result for a bloke
that people say can't fly over 300 miles...that's 2 years in a row that he's won the 400.