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Photo Gallery Gippsland

Heyfield Gold Cup Breeders Plate December 2005

1/ Bruno Furjan with his catch of the day, which was Peter Padula's squeaker that escaped after being placed in its pen. The bird went out the door and up into the big gum tree behind Bruno, everyone said "it's gone , you won't see it again", But when you have a dedicated member like this man anything is possible, so of he went chasing the little bird down the road, we said "he is crazy he can't catch that". But to our surprize he rocks up about 45 minutes later pigeon in hand saying how it must have run out of puff as it crashed into a backyard a couple of blocks away. I don't think this one has much chance against a falcon!!!!!

2/This is serious business here if you blink, cough, scratch our head, shoo a fly this will be taken as a bid as Nigal Jarvis found out, he just wanted a can of beer and I think it cost him about $50 (sorry about that one Nige). Auctioneer Lindsay Fulford - spotters Charlie Padula and Bruno.