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QLD 2005 Photo Gallery

North Gold Coast Club

1. Duncan on Coast FM Radio on Tuesday Afternoon Talking Pigeons
2. Some of the beautiful scenery on the Beach at Burleigh Heads.

Some of the interested fanciers listening to Barry talk about various pigeon topics
ranging from the Mallee Classic, Community Lofts, New Aggregate Systems and Motivation Ideas,
Duncan then talked about Promotion of the Sport and Sponsorship and then Les Fenton followed with a talk on the Darkness System for Young Birds.
This sparked many questions from the people present.

Bob & Dot Oman winners of Raffle Prize on the night

I was a good night for those who attended and from the feedback the next day, people are looking at implementing some of the ideas put forward. We thank the North Gold Coast Club for their Hospitality and we look forward to next years trip.