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Steve Bell

Temora – NSW

Trevor Barker, Dave Hunter and myself were able to spend a short time with Steve while attending the Temora breeders plate sale back in November 2001. We had attended the Wagga Wagga sale in the afternoon and then drove on to spend the night in Temora and then up early for their sale the following morning.

Steve has been the Temora club president for the past 3 years, his wife Lee who is the race secretary supports him, and he tells me she is the loft manager. He has been in pigeon racing all his life, in fact his father Jim also flys pigeons and you could say he has been bred into the sport! The Temora club has 12 members and is affiliated with the Temora Invitation Combine. There are 35 flyers in the combine and the clubs stretch over a large area and include Temora, Wagga Wagga, Junee, Coolamon, Young, Young Inv and Grenfell. Steve finds being part of the executive of the club is pretty good. He finds that the Temora club is just like being part of a family and they all get along. He said "it’s good with the country lifestyle".

Steve races approx. 230 birds which are made up of 40 old birds and the rest young birds. Steve is a very heavy feeder (protein), he feeds twice a day and trains his birds hard. His birds are mainly Goodger based. He traveled to South Australia and obtained birds from Graham Clark, Dennis Shaw, Freddy Franks and Peter Ariola, he endeavoured to obtain the best birds available, as he is a firm believer that you need quality to get to the top. He has tried other strains of birds but has remained with the Goodgers. He has found the Jim Biss Dordins have crossed well with his Gooders, the Janssens were good with assistance up to 300 miles and he had little success with Meulemans and Busshaerts. The Goodgers have responded to his type of feeding, but he has also seen the benefits of using the carbo diets. He will use protein early then increase the carbo’s for the distance racing.

Steve is a great believer in vitamins. He does a pre-breeding medication based on Dr Rob Marshall’s program, which he has changed to suit his needs. He worms his birds twice yearly and regularly uses anti-canker medication during the racing season.

Steve trains his birds twice a week from 40 klm and then increases the distance as the races increase. Steve sees his main competition from Col Bradley, Jim Bell (his Father) and John Clay (Wagga Wagga).

The Temora Truck Sale was initially as a fundraiser for the Temora Club and now has been extended to the Combine for the past 2 years. Any member of the combine can fly the birds and it is open to breeders from all over Australia. They payout 5 places and make the prize money equal for each prize, which may have something to do with the success of the event. It has been a great way to keep the truck on the road.

Steve’s Thoughts:

Some of Steve’s results in 2001:

1st in Club Aggregate

1st in Combine Aggregate

1st 500 mile Club

1st Club and Combine 600 mile

In 2000

Steve won 15 races

1st, 2nd and 3rd in Temora Breeders plate

1st Combine Truck sale race.

Loft report by Barry Trewin