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Thailand Loft Report – Surinthorn

On my trip to Thailand, Richard C and myself visited the partnership of Surinthorn Paljitpimuk, Jamnong Teepakakom and Israwat Rayabpan. They fly with the Chon Buri Club in Thailand, which has 40 members. The birds are basketed at their respective centres then transported to Bangkok and placed on the main transporter, and also released with the all the other birds on the transporter.

They have all been flying pigeons for around twenty years and this is the first year they have flown from the new loft. It was an absolute pleasure to meet these fanciers, they had a very well designed loft and the health of the birds was excellent. The loft was located on the top of Surinthorn’s father’s business. His father is also one of Thailand’s top marathon runners and also a good chef, as we tasted a delicious lunch before viewing the loft and birds.

The dedication of these fanciers was amazing, they worked together to maintain the outstanding loft facilities and health of their birds. They share duties at the loft, each person having his particular work duties and the way they combined was first class.

The partnership do all the work themselves, instead as some lofts who were able to afford loft managers and cleaners to look after the birds. The loft is cleaned twice a day, morning and afternoon, the loft floors were scraped, swept and then washed (you could literately eat off them)! The water is changed twice a day, and they also believed in giving water after the loft flying to rehydrate the birds.

They obtained some of their birds from friends and start the season with approx. 90 birds. They fly two lines of flight, the North line is flown from September to January which they fly approx. 50 birds and the remaining 40 birds are flown on the North East line from February to April. They loft fly their birds twice a day, which they flag the birds for 1 hour before calling them in. They separate the hens and cocks by fly them together, when they enter the loft they are left together for approx. 10 minutes then separated. They also race the birds together. The also give their birds 2 to 3 tosses a week and a usual week may see,

loft flying Mon – Tues and 70 klm Wed, 100 klm Thurs and 50 klm toss on Frid. Any bird flown in a race, is rested and only loft flown for 1 hour Monday afternoon, before resuming the normal loft routine.

They maintain the birds in top condition on a carbo to protein feed system which is basically a typical Euro system except they replace the barley with rice which is plentiful in Thailand. We were able to see different types of rice and a common source of the carbo’s for the birds was the husked rice.

Surinthorn is the president of his club and they believe in supporting any new beginners by the way of donating squeakers for them to start racing. Their best results in the past year have seen them obtain 1st Lampang 576 klm and 1st Uttavadit 480 klm. They see Nuttachai and Lookgrok Lofts in Bangkok as among the best fanciers in Thailand. The best loft was Perumsake Hemabud and his loft manager Mr Pipat, as they liked their system, they had also had many wins in the King’s Cup and they always received good advice from them.

The dedication of these three fanciers is amazing, working together to maintain an outstanding loft. I am glad to have met these fanciers and become good friends in only a short period of time. I look forward to visiting them again.

Barry Trewin