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From Duncan MacGregor

All right luv Iím off, donít forget weíve got the meeting tonight after basketing. I shouldnít be too late but donít wait up just in case they want to argue the toss about a few things. What ? Yeh, yeh I know, donít get excited and donít drink too much. Bye.

Nice lot of birds tonight, werenít they Lim. I just wish theyíd get a move along with the meeting so I can get home. What do you mean I donít look flash? Mate Iíll have you know Iím as tough as my mother in laws backside. Here we go mate weíre under way, shouldnít take too long maybe an hour or so and weíll be out of here. Pass me another can of beer will you please, mate.

Hang on, hang on, Mr. President. What do you mean your declaring the meeting closed? We both know that youíve got a notice there for discussion on whether the birds should be basketed on Thursdays instead of Fridays for the two hundred and fifty mile races. What doíya mean the executive decided on the change in order to teach the birds to drink? Iíve always taught my birds in the tossing unit, and if a bird canít drink before two hundred and fifty miles, one night extra in the unit wonít help. Changes like this have to go to the delegates to vote on, this just canít happenÖ, it whoa, hang on a minute, Iím not feelin so good. Lim, give us hand mate Iím feelin a bit groggy.

What the hell are they all doing, standing over me like that? Wow, what the hell am I doing watching them from up here? Could someone get that light out of my eyes, itís hard to see. What are all those steps? Whatís that in front of them, whatever it is, itís got a great step in the wing. Hang on, Iím starting to get the idea and Iím not so sure I like it. I new I shouldnít have had that last beer.

Crikey, thatís got to be the biggest loft Iíve ever seen, must be a mob flyer. Who are you? St. Peter, and Iím in heaven, rubbish, whereís the pearly gates? What do you mean itís a fly-in? If your St. Peter, how come your dressed your like that. Oh, youíve been scraping out, fair enough. Hang on, if this is heaven where do all the non-pigeon people go? What???? Heavens like lifeÖ. ITíS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!

All right Iíll accept that Iím here, but what do you mean I canít come in until your system up-dates. This is heaven everything is supposed to work. What do you mean time doesnít matter, it mightnít to you but Iíve got a different point of view. What say I give you an up-date myself.

Iím the first to admit that in the past I tended to look at things a bit narrowly, think of only my own needs and ego but over the last two years I managed to embrace the new innovations such as electronic clocking. Iíve helped a young bloke get into the sport, without even making a quid out of him I might add. Iíve got rid of the boundaries in the which has helped to revitalise the our membership, we went from three to twelve in less than two years, you know. Iíve even been raising money for charity at the one loft race, but I suppose you know all about charity and one-loft races, and lately Iíve been fighting to get rid of sections in the Combine.

What? Your going to send me down below until you can verify what Iím saying. How long is that going to take? Yeh, yeh, I know, time doesnít matterÖÖ.Crikey you took your time. That place is hell. Full of bloody greenies and falcons, all they feed is peas and you never get a bloody pigeon home. Whatís that, the computers up dated, good.

Ok, ok, Iíll admit that my wife had the idea about the boundaries, but I did all the work., Iím the one who argued with the others and convinced them that pigeon racing wasnít just about whatís best for them. and that if we didnít change there wouldnít be anyone to race against.

Why, why did I want to get rid of the sections? Well Iíll tell you. Remember that kid I was telling you about, well, there was two Chinese blokes, well alright if you insist, Non Caucasian blokes having a sale, best birds you could buy. Anyway he decided that he needed to improve his stock. I still donít know what was the matter with the ones I gave him, but anyway, his parents loaned him two thousand dollars to buy some birds. He ended up buying a pair, not bad either if you like Janssenís. Anyway the next year, blow me down, he won the combine. You know what he got? Bugger all. The way things are there will soon be as many sections as flyers. Theyíd be a damn sight better to increase the club monies and fly the Combine as a one in all in, and make it worth while instead of worrying about who gets what advantage with the wind and location.

It wasnít so long ago that I was reminded of the reasons I entered the sport and if they, the powers to be, that is, can recapture that sense of adventure and fun, then pigeon flying canít help but go ahead. What? Iím allowed in. Great I couldnít stand that lot down below, the way they were whinging and complaining about everyone and sundry I almost thought I was back at the club.

Nice loft, St. Pete, but jeez, sorry, crikey, these are all Janssens. Oh, wellÖ I suppose Ö,